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The CCD and LASER scanners now come in a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. This makes for a quick connect to most every computer manufactured since 1999. Check out our new pricing on Barcode equipment.


 CCD - (Charged Coupled Device)

The most popular choice of Race Directors. Its ease of use and cost make it a great addition to your racing organization.

It's easy grip and simple interface make it great for even the your volunteers. Simply hold the scanner over the barcode and press the trigger. The bar code is scanned, processed, and sent to your computer in a fraction of a second.



 LASER (Cobra LS1900)

Highly advanced optics, and laser technology bring you the fastest way to read barcodes.

Laser Scanners are non-contact scanners which use a LASER illuminate a barcode. Laser scanners are better for:

bulletReading barcodes at a distance
bulletReading poorly printed barcodes
bulletReading barcodes on uneven surfaces
bulletReading barcodes faster




Comparison Chart
 Feature   CCD (2021) LASER(Symbol)
 Output   keyboard wedge or USB  keyboard wedge or USB
 Customize output   yes yes
Read Distance   1" 1"-15"
illumination   LED LASER
Action   point and shoot point and shoot

Q. What is a keyboard wedge?

A. The keyboard wedge is the least complicated interface to use for race management. As long as you have a computer that has a keyboard connector your ready to go. The term wedge means exactly that. The scanner is "wedged" in between the computer and keyboard. See Fig.1. There is no interface software to buy, no hardware to plug internally to your computer. All of the interfacing is done at a hardware level.  What ever you scan is captured by the computer as if you had typed it on the keyboard. For example you are in a word processor, you scan a barcode. The representation of that barcode is typed in your word processor.


Q. What is USB?

A. USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus. This has become a very popular interface for serial devices. Click on this link for more information http://www.usb.org/faq/ans1.html#q2

Q. What kind of connector is on the Keyboard Wedge Scanner?

A. The scanner has 2 connectors. DIN5 (PC/AT/XT) Male and a DIN5 Female. The corresponding connectors attach to the PC and Keyboard.

Q. Will it work on a laptop computer?

A. Yes, if your laptop has an external keyboard port on it or a USB port. For the Keyboard Wedge you would simply plug the scanner into the external keyboard port and then plug a keyboard into the other cable completing the signal loop. For the USB scanner you would just connect to the USB port on your computer. 

Q. I hooked the Keyboard Wedge scanner to my laptop, but it will not scan.

A. You must connect the other cable of the scanner to a keyboard. This will complete the signal loop and allow the scanner to work properly.

Q. I have a Macintosh Computer, will a scanner work on my computer.

A. Yes, make sure that you have an open USB port, and order one of the USB scanners.


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