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Agility Timer

Make training easy, and set yourself up for success.

TimeTech introduces it's newest time keeper.

The Agility Timer

Really it is more than just a time keeper. Use it to build strength, condition, and endurance in your athletes. Improve their fitness skills. It can be used in several different drills, including: 100M dash, shuttle run, hurdles, obstacle course, reaction timing, and many others.

Use it for Football, Basketball, Track and Field, Soccer, Cross Country, Swimming, or any other sport where conditioning is needed.

TimeTech uses the latest technology in optical sensory for capturing the time and location of the athlete. The timer is easy to setup and run, in fact you don't even have to be there to operate the system. We have developed an intelligent automatic system. You just set up the sensors and a few parameters on the timer and let it run. All data captured is saved in the timers memory so it can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis. There is also a built in printer to keep a written record. Also there is a large 4x20 display that all data can be scrolled through.


bulletEasy to use, and easy to learn.
bulletBuilt in printer
bulletConnect to a computer
bulletSmall and lightweight
bullet30 day money back guarantee*
bulletLarge 20x4 super-twist LCD screen
bullet9 timing channels
bullet3 Year warrantee**


* Shipping is not refundable. Timer must be in like new condition.

** Call TimeTech for details (541) 388-4890


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